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CBC Negotiations explores the world and everything happening today. We are at the forefront in collecting news, opinions, facts, and stories around the world to bring to you. We are changing as the world changes in a bid to keep you informed.

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We are always on the lookout for trends that shape the modern world. To get the facts, we conduct polls, research, and analysis of content, and so much more social-science research. 

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To be the first source of credible information on diverse topics for all people around the world.

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Our mission is to create a wealth of facts that anyone around the world can access. We do not prescribe but inform with the hope that the information will enhance sound decision making.

Helping young journalists find the right path

Our team grows every day. We have new professionals join the good work we do here. We have embraced technology so our researchers and analysts find it easy to gather and analyze information. We are growing and we are proud of it.

The News Team

Martin Jones
Writer / Photographer
Britteny Harris
Writer / Blogger
George John
Chief Editor / Publisher
Shirleen Mandy
Head Writer
Christiane Hoyes
News Editor

Our Story

CBC Negotiations is a passion project. The founders wanted to create a project that would help satiate their hunger for good journalism and help them create a career. Journalism and has always been a passion to us. We have this great urge to find the truth and facts and present them to the general public. We believe that good journalism shapes the world and steers it in the right direction. This is why we talk a lot about journalism and the media on our blog.

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Our primary goal is to inform. We collect, analyze, and present facts from around the world. You can trust us for: 

  • Up to date verifiable information
  • Accurate reporting backed by high standards of information collection
  • Training other journalists so we can all offer great journalism
  • Creating multimedia pieces of news including photos, audios, videos, and text
  • Editing all the content we upload online to ensure everything is accurate
  • Interviewing professionals to get facts on different topics for you
  • Offering personal experiences in our line of work to help you get better as a journalist