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Addiction To Technology Growing Health Concern – cbc negotiations
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Addiction To Technology Growing Health Concern

Technology addiction is a huge issue with society today. Most of the time, if you are walking through the mall or even on the street, most people are looking at their phones or talking on them. They use them to take pictures, record video, play games and more. Not only are people obsessed with their phones, but they seem to also be obsessed with their computers. There isn’t anything you can’t do or buy on the internet to certain extremes. So, what does this say about the health of those who constantly have their eyes fixated on their phones or computers? It is a compulsion for some people. Once they hear their phone go off, they absolutely need to check the message, they cannot ignore it. People who stare at a screen for most of their day end up with headaches and those who have the technology addiction often have insomnia because they are constantly thinking about their phones and they just can’t shut their brain off. With all of the brain activity and multitasking that comes along with technology, it is possible for the brain to overheat like a car engine. The brain needs periods of rest in order to function properly.

So, how do we rest our brains properly and ensure they we are getting the proper sleep to rejuvenate?  The first step, as hard as it sounds, is to put down the electronics and forget they exist. When you are looking at the light from the screen of your phone or computer, your brain things that you should stay awake. If you turn off all of your technology, you will be able to sleep better. Once you put down that phone or computer, find yourself a comfortable pillow and mattress. If you align your spine with the right mattress you will have a much better night of sleep than if you are sleeping on an old spring mattress. If you are worried about your phone, write down your worries. Need to send an email but it can wait? Write it down and do it in the morning. Do not drink alcohol or have anything with sugar before bed. Alcohol puts you to sleep, yes, but you won’t sleep for very long, 4 hours at most. Once you wake up, you probably won’t be able to fall back to sleep. One more thing you can do to ensure you wake up refreshed is to wake up to natural sunlight. This will reset your circadian rhythm in your body and this will make sure you are tired at the right time of day. Also, take a vacation away from your electronics like I did when I went to Banff as that can be a great way to disconnect from electronics and reconnect with yourself.

Technology addiction is dangerous. Checking your phone while driving has killed and injured more people than you could imagine. People who cannot stand to have their phone anywhere else other than in their hand have a serious problem and need to learn to set it down once in a while. It can be a very dangerous habit, not only for yourself, but also the people around you.

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