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Meet the Awesome Team

The men and women behind this growing news blog

George John

Editor-in-Chief / Publisher

My name is George John, the Editor-in-Chief of this blog site. Every content must pass through my desk before you get to read it. I also oversee all correspondences and forward them to the right office for action. Moreover, I’m in charge of developing article titles based on research and demand from our readers. Online platforms are the thing in journalism.

It’s the place where your target audience hangs out. Since this is a journalism site, we can’t afford to make any mistake since upcoming journalists look upon us for tips, guides, and tricks in the mass communication industry.

I’m a Bachelor of Mass communication with two decades of experience in a busy media company for both online and offline content. We run an analysis of content and equip our readers with the right skills in line with policies and legal restrictions in line with print, audio, and print media journalism.

I have worked for Vogue as a contributor and various sites as a guest writer. I have written several books ideal for both novices and experts in journalism; therefore, I bring a whole package of knowledge to the site for information dissemination and increase traffic to the blog site.

Shirleen Mandy

Head Writer

My name is Shirleen Mandy, the Editor-in-chief of our site. I oversee all writers’ work and ensure they are trained in line with what we expect out of the content; I onboard the new writers using various online platforms to ensure we have well-equipped writers to ensure they are at par with what is required of them.

I also write since this is my passion. I’m a journalist by profession, both by experience and academic background. As a Higher National Diploma holder in mass communication, I understand what is expected in the industry; since some writers lack this background, I use the knowledge to equip them with the right skills, tips, and guides to meet our writing standards. I have held a similar position with various blog sites, and extending the same service to these sites, isn’t an uphill task.

Christiane Hoyes

News Editor

I deputize George John, the news editor; I play all his roles and write content for the site. I peruse the kind of content for grammar and context of the content to ensure it’s in line with the market’s current trends.

I supervise all the writers and ensure all the deadlines are met. I bring on board a decade of experience in journalism for a news channel. I have been a journalist all my life; therefore, I understand the market’s details in this profession.

Britteny Harris

Writer / Blogger

I’m passionate about communicating with words. Although this is a journalism site, I use my writing skills to disseminate information to the target audience, both offline and online. I’m a corporate executive with high-end writing skills.

This is my third year in the company, and I appreciate the tremendous supports from fans, colleagues, and our bosses. As a diploma holder in strategic management, I use the skills to give my content the corporate touch, which directly communicates to the digital generation.

I tend to focus on journalists’ lifestyles and provide guidance for upcoming press officers, media enthusiasts, and fourth estate members. The recent article titles, the secrets, and sad moments about news anchors had positive and negative feedback, but that is what journalism should expect.

I want my skills to ensure journalists get to the industry with a hard heart to expect anything in the profession. I tend to give insights and information that you never get from a journalism class.

Martin Jones

Writer / Photographer

I’m a professional journalist and love every aspect of this industry. As a team player, I fit in any organization position as long as I use words to communicate to the audience. My position as a News Editor makes me vulnerable as a journalist too.

The success or growth of any blog site lies in the team behind the content and operations. The team of five is the brainchild behind the content development and content research for the site.

Our correspondences play a significant role in designing and choosing the kind of content to publish and develop.

This also proves that although the profession is important in the industry, passion and learning n the job also influence the practicality and reliability of content since it comes from real-life experience.

The team members’ experience and strong interpersonal skills are our strengths, and we take pride in them.


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