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How technology is changing in the home improvement industry – cbc negotiations
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How technology is changing in the home improvement industry

I personally believe that the advancements in technology has affected the lives of many in more ways than one. It’s safe to say that our lives are completely different from the lives of the many generations before us. In terms of basically everything, technology plays a very vital role in almost every aspect of our life. Technology for us has went from being a luxury commodity to a necessity –nowadays, every other thing is dependent on technology.

We can thank technology for the smartphones in our pockets, the laptops on our desks, and even the stereo system in our cars. Places like supermarkets are greatly dependent on technology to function properly; computers to keep inventory, barcode scanners to price check products, and escalators to help the customers commute efficiently. But apart from that, we don’t need to go too far to see the advancements of technology.

Technology has done wonders for the home improvement industry as well. Some of the many advancements we now have by virtue of technology are mentioned below;


Air compressorsAir compressors: I think that air compressors are by far the renovator’s most favorite tool, there are a great number of uses for this tool, from repairs to renovations to carpentry, etc. An air compressor is considered a must have for each of our households by many decorators and renovators.

Technology has changed air compressors for the better, older models of air compressors used to be bulky, heavy, had a bad effect on the environment, and required a lot of power to function. As compared to newer models, which are efficient, portable, cost effective, and even environmental friendly. Air compressors used to take up a lot of space in our olden days and even emitted many hazardous fumes, but those times are long gone. Thanks to the advancement in technology air compressors are now lighter than before and very portable – check out the best portable compressors on this comparison review site.


Compact reciprocating saws: Everybody knows that woodworking and home improvement go hand in hand. I believe that technology has done its wonders with the traditional reciprocating saw and made it smaller, lighter, portable, and more energy efficient –as well as cost effective.

Not to mention the stability and precision is still there, even better than before. We find it very surprising that such a big piece of equipment is now a simple tool which can be operated single handedly. Now reaching small places to cut off nails or severing pipes won’t be the appalling task it once used to be for us –thanks to this.

Electric screwdrivers: I’m very thankful to these tools, now unscrewing or screwing rusty screws won’t be the painstaking task it once used to be. We think this is by far the greatest advancement technology has ever given to the home improvement industry. I think electric screwdrivers show how technology is helping us in our daily lives.

This also gives us a clear cut idea of what more is in store for us in the future. I believe traditional tools are very soon going to be replaced by more efficient, easy-to-handle power tools. Technology has done wonders for the home improvement industry and for us, by doing the unexpected.

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