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Tips For Traveling Long Distances On A Motorcycle – cbc negotiations
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Tips For Traveling Long Distances On A Motorcycle

I’ve taken many journeys on a motorcycle and let me tell you something-not all of them were winners. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found myself unbelievably uncomfortable over the course of hundreds of miles. Constantly rearranging luggage, myself, and stopping to figure out why my trip wasn’t going as planned. Traveling long distances on a motorcycle isn’t the easiest thing to do unless you plan accordingly.

Making The Best Of Your Trip

Before you head out onto the open road, it’s imperative that you pack the gear that’s proper for your trip. Think about this, if packing for a trip in a car is a challenge for you, how do you think it’s going to be on two wheels over a long distance? You need to take into consideration what you absolutely need to have and what you can fit on your bike.



Think about what you are going to need in terms of gear. You should always have your main protective clothing such as boots, rainsuit, gloves, and of course your helmet. If you need a new one or you are picking one out for the first time, take some time and read a good guide that’ll help you with your decision. Personally, I like to ride with a vest on and a sweatshirt if it’s a little chilly outside. Depending on where you ride, the weather could fluctuate to the point of needing it.

Prepare Your Bike

You may not think it’s such a big deal, but before you head out for your trip you should make sure your motorcycle is in tip top shape for your ride. You don’t want to be in the middle of the desert or somewhere without cell service trying to make repairs yourself or calling somebody to come give you a lift. Before you leave, make sure you do all regular maintenance and pack a tool kit or join a towing service just in case.

Know Your Limits

A 1000 mile ride may seem like a fantastic idea, but if you are only used to traveling 100-200 miles at a time, this isn’t something you’re going to want to attempt in one shot. You want to plan your trip and eliminate anything that’s going to disrupt your ride. Make sure you research all stops around you, try to map out your roads and be aware of them and if you get tired, pull over for the night and take a rest. It’s dangerous to ride while you’re tired.

Camping On The Bike?

Camping with A Motorcycle


This is something that I’ve done as well and it’s not as difficult as it sounds. If you plan to take your motorcycle on a camping trip, here’s how you can do it without a struggle. You’ll want to make sure you pack as light as possible. Depending on what kind of storage you have for your bike, you can fit clothing, tools, a small tent, a sleeping bag, an air mattress, and some other smaller essentials. It’s just a matter of strategically packing it all so it’ll fit.


Traveling on a motorcycle is very rewarding. I would much rather see the world without four doors and a bunch of windows blocking my view. There’s nothing better than getting out on the open road with the wind blowing in your face, take my word on this.

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